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Hi, I’m erin cairney white,

The Little Details Company is my most recent passion in a very creative and busy life I have carved out for myself. My hope is to have a place to share my love for all things creative with my friends and family and anyone else who wants to come along for the ride.

A few months ago my husband asked me why I didn’t jump on the blog bandwagon and start documenting my creative journey. After he listened to my excuses, he sweetly said, “This is your time.” Now, you have to know I can’t resist those beautiful blue eyes and in truth it was a great idea plus, it was clear he was giving me his love and support. A girl can’t ask for more.

So, I’m jumping feet first into the pond and hoping it a warm Texas pond and not a cold Pacific Northwest lake.

Speaking of (or “a little about me”) I’m a Pacific Northwesterner by choice and a Texan by birth. I love being from Texas but Seattle is really home for me.

I have already mentioned my husband and his blue eyes but I must also say he is artistically amazing and I’m hoping to post some of his new projects here too. He is a fantastic guitarist (but he won’t say that.) I’m lucky to have found this handsome guy in 2002.

I’m a mom of four beautiful, grown or almost grown kids. We are a blended family with two boys still at home and two girls out of the house, living their own adventures. Being a mom has truly been the best part of my life and the kids make me proud. Besides being a great group of kids, they give me lots of experiences to draw from. You’ll be hearing more about them and you won’t be disappointed when my daughters get into the act.

In addition to family and home, you can frequently find me working for the school district part time as part of an education team working with special needs kids. It’s another part of my life that brings me great joy and I’m fortunate to have great friends and co-workers.

Finally, when I’m not being a mom or an educator, (and sometimes while I am) I’m an artist. My roots are in paint but these days you’ll find me in my new studio using a multitude of mediums as a mixed media artist. I’ve become more passionate about mixing it up. My plan is to share my passion here.

If you have found yourself here looking for DIY projects or funny stores, look no further. You will find I mix that up too. I’m a jack of all trade and a master of none. Thanks for coming by and here is to happy creating!